ABC sweeps tied to catastrophic results

Web pacts with Unapix

Unapix Entertainment has inked a deal with ABC to produce a three-part special for the Alphabet web entitled “Totally Out of Control,” looking at the cause of catastrophes.

The first of these specs already had been announced, skedded to air this week in November sweeps, but sources say ABC execs were so pleased with the reality series that they ordered up two more installments to prepare for future sweeps programming. A solid rating would likely signal even more episodes to be picked up by the network.

“We are especially pleased that ABC has chosen to air the first of these specials during the critical November sweeps period, which clearly reflects their confidence in the ability of the program to attract ratings,” said Rob Miller, prexy of Unapix Program Enterprises.

The series was the creation of Unapix’s L.A.-based production unit headed by Jim Coane, who had been one of the writer/producers of “American’s Funniest Home Videos” and exec producer of “Totally Hidden Video” before moving to Unapix.

“Control” is designed to showcase experts discussing the cause and effect of catastrophes ranging from prison riots to earthquakes.