‘Wasteland’ bow is Standard fare

New skein ironic in name, timeslot, creator sez

“Wasteland,” Miramax’s first TV show, was the focus of Thursday’s launch party at the Standard hotel in West Hollywood. The show’s name also doubled as a comment on its time slot in the words of creator-exec producer Kevin Williamson.

“Talk about a wasteland,” Williamson said. “Thursday at 9 on ABC opposite must-see-television. But we’re hoping to find a stable viewership and they’ll just keep watching it.”

The show, which bows Oct. 7, will do fine if ABC draws half the size of the crowd packing the Standard’s minimalist lobby, which is furnished in “mid-century modern” (in layman’s terms, that would be the ’50s) with shag rugs, crane-like chrome lamps, cacti and low-slung couches.

“I’m the last person to ask what’s the coolest, hippest place to be,” said Miramax TV president Billy Campbell. “I’ve never been to a hotel before where they have the name upside down on the marquee.”

Among those who found their way to the Standard despite the tricky sign were ABC topper Lloyd Braun and cast members Sasha Alexander, Marisa Coughlan, Rebecca Gayheart, Eddie Mills, Dan Montgomery, Brad Rowe and Jeffrey D. Sams.