‘Three Kings’ holding court

Saddam oversees WB pic preem

There’s usually such a paucity of Saddam Hussein portraits at premiere parties, but an eye-catching projection of the tenacious Iraqi dictator was on the Armand Hammer’s wall at Monday’s “Three Kings” after-party.

Saddam’s silhouette, of course, tied in with the film’s Gulf War theme, but it also made a subtle statement about the party reflecting the pic’s edgy new take on the action genre.

Joel Silver said “Three Kings” is part of the “evolution of the action film with new ideas, news visuals, new aesthetics.” Star Mark Wahlberg said, “This film will dictate the way MTV looks for the next few years.”

Warner Bros. production topper Lorenzo di Bonaventura said writer-director David Russell was “successful because he was able to keep track of a simple narrative and then imbue that narrative with his personality.”

“If you think about it, what David did was take a very simple story line — a bunch of guys set out to steal gold, discover that greed’s not everything and ultimately make the right choices — and he held to that concept while adding his own perception of pop culture, his own personality, his own brilliantly unique view of the world.”

Those who experienced that world view beneath Saddam’s warm gaze were Warner Bros.’ Alan Horn and Lionel Wigram; stars George Clooney, Spike Jonze and Ice Cube; producer Chuck Roven; among the 1,000 guests were Salma Hayek, Trey Parker, Cindy Crawford, Michael Clarke Duncan, Renny Harlin, Billy Rose and Don Cheadle.