‘Streak’s’ arresting L.A. bow

Lawrence doesn't strut down aisle

There’s a certain emptiness at a movie premiere when the film’s star doesn’t attend.

Such was the case Monday when “Blue Streak” preemed at the Village theater sans Martin Lawrence, who three weeks ago suffered a highly publicized case of heat exhaustion.

“Martin wanted to be here, but only if he could be here 100%,” said director Les Mayfield. “He wanted to strut down the aisle, or not come.”

Despite Lawrence’s absence, the launch went on with a cop-themed after-party held in a nearby parking lot. On hand was producer Neal Moritz who said he knew exactly the film’s focus: “Action/comedy, action/comedy, action/comedy. That’s what we kept saying. If it’s not action, if it’s not comedy, it doesn’t belong in the movie.”

Among those on hand for the action were Sony’s Amy Pascal, Gareth Wigan, Amy Baer and Bob Levin; producer Toby Jaffe; plus 1,000 guests including Jamie Foxx, Selma Blair, Tyrese, Chris Fenton, Steve Stabler, Doug MacLaren, Brad Krevoy, Mike Karz and Magic Johnson.