Old, new and next Hollywood convened Saturday night at the New Alchemy art gallery in Hollywood for the opening of a dual photography exhibit featuring vintage photos by legendary helmer Monte Hellman and modernist montages by award-winning d.p. Maryse Alberti. Oscar-winning thesp Martin Landau was on hand and on the wall in Hellman’s collection of photos from the early 1960s. Taken when Hellman was working with young thesps Jack Nicholson, Sally Kellerman, Sal Mineo, Barbara Bain, as well as then-struggling scribe and would-be thesp Robert Towne, Hellman calls his show “To Be Or Wannabe.”

Hellman, the director of “Two-Lane Blacktop” and other cult pics said the title “sums up the subjects of the show. Some went on to fame and some just went on.”

The Alberti exhibit also drew friends such as director Michael Apted, helmer of the new Bond pic, “The World Is Not Enough,” to celebrate the still photo work of the eye behind “Velvet Goldmine,” “Crumb,” “Paris Is Burning” and other lauded indie outings.