Sprinkles puts bow in ‘Jeopardy’

Rain blew in, stars blew out

Just as Sept. 21’s preem screening on Par’s lot of “Double Jeopardy” was ending, a light rain blew in and the stars blew out.

Ashley Judd was whisked off to a jet taking her to New York, Tommy Lee Jones had an early call for “Space Cowboys” and the staff scrambled to position buffets under canopies for what turned out to be the briefest of sprinkles.

Though they didn’t stay to eat, the stars were remembered by the 700 guests who remained at the stylish (and more humid than wet) lawn party. Jackie Collins described Judd as having “likability and (bedability), the two qualities an actress needs most.” (She actually used a less printable adverb.) Larry King praised Jones as “the best chaser in Hollywood. Has he ever done a movie where he hasn’t run after someone?”

Producer Leonard Goldberg had the nervous/melancholy feeling of you-wait-three-years-and-now-it’s-over, but said, “Now that I know it came out right, I’d like to do it again.”

Co-star Annabeth Gish described “Double Jeopardy” as “action adventure noir-ish,” while screenwriter Douglas Cook called it “the best movie tonight.”

On hand to see what was in fact the best film screened at Paramount that night were Par’s Sherry Lansing, Rob Friedman, Jonathan Dolgen and Michelle Manning, screenwriter David Weisberg plus guests Sean Connery, Joel and Karyn Silver, Buck Henry, Salma Hayek, Suzanne DePasse, Carrie Fisher, Steve Stabler, David Colden, George and Jolene Schlatter, John Burnham and Mo Ostin among others.