Party to the Max

Roseanne spices up circus

HOLLYWOOD — It wasn’t so much the live guests as the live props that made Maxim magazine’s Circus Maximus party Thursday at the Hollywood Athletic Club so fascinating.

There was the 4-ton elephant regally strutting down Sunset Boulevard. Ed the Blockhead hammering nails into his skull. Flex the Rubber Boy doing contortions. Blaise the Fire Eater (who’s something of a stripper as well) breathing flames. And Roseanne.

“It’s interesting to see how comfortable talent agents are among carnie freak show acts,” said event planner Jeffrey Best, who later in the evening had a problem keeping drunks from relaxing on George the Giant’s bed of nails.

Screenwriter Simon Barry observed the fiery, near-naked Blaise and decide that “fire coming out of someone’s mouth is certainly an appropriate metaphor for the Hollywood system.”

Roseanne, who was filming her talkshow at the party, said she enjoyed the circus-like milieu because “it’s freaky, weird, fun and has live animals — it’s me.”

Todd Gold, one of her exec producers, said Roseanne was on hand because “besides being one of our great spiritual and comedy leaders, Roseanne is a circus unto herself.”

Also filling out the crowd (which was fed Sno Cones laced with Grand Marnier) were co-host Shannen Doherty, Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Downey Jr., James Woods, Tia Carrerra, Wesley Snipes, Matthew Perry, Rick Rubin, Ted Field, Karl Austen and Maxim’s Mike Soutar and Stephen Colvin.