Licensed to preem

Bond's 'World' delights at dual theater event

One guest expressed the sentiments of the many at Monday’s dual theater preem of the latest James Bond film, “The World Is Not Enough,” when he said: “I’m here for the spectacle.”

The audience at the Village and the Bruin seemed greatly satisfied by the pre-credits action sequence (they cheered) and Bond’s film ending tagline (they laughed), but the reaction to the film’s middle was more obscure.

As MGM topper Alex Yemenidjian said, “World” had “all the elements of Bond, reinvented.”

Post-screening, the spectacle continued with a party at Santa Monica’s airport, where Wolfgang Puck had set lavish buffets in Hangar 8, whose walls and ceiling were covered in a billowy white material. The effect was so tent-like that one guest said it was “like Cirque du Soleil without the cirque.”

Among those at the party that went on well after midnight were MGM’s Yemenidjian, Chris McGurk and Michael Nathanson; former MGM exec and self-proclaimed “international man of leisure” Jeff Kleeman with Donatella Moores; producer Michael Wilson; stars Pierce Brosnan, Denise Richards, John Cleese and Serena Scott Thomas; plus 2,000 guests including John Burnham, James Coburn, Miles Copeland, Ted Danson, Danny DeVito, David Dinnerstein, Ricky Jay, Mark Johnson, Tom Sherak, Nigel Sinclair and Ron Yerxa.