‘Letter’ perfect

Romantic comedy skirts 'Star Wars' spotlight

What do you say if your ensemble-driven, romantic comedy is opening against the biggest, special effects-driven blockbuster in film history? If you’re Tom Selleck and you’re at Thursday’s preem of DreamWorks’ “The Love Letter.” you confidently say: ” ‘Star Wars’ is dead meat.”

The pic’s lead, Kate Capshaw, took a softer tact, saying that “if ‘Star Wars’ is the wedding, then we want to be the flower girl.” As for director Peter Ho-Sun Chan, he says his film “is in a different universe” than George Lucas’ prequel, but he’s confident that “romance is the best special effect.”

Those on hand at the Buffalo Club for the after-party included co-stars Ellen DeGeneres and Gloria Stuart; producers Sarah Pillsbury and Midge Sanford; plus 200 guests including Steven Spielberg, Warren Beatty with Annette Bening, Goldie Hawn, Martin Short, John Travolta with Kelly Preston, Mimi Rogers and studio execs Jeffrey Katzenberg, Margaret French Isaac and Jim Tharp.