H’wood is ‘Toy’ crazy

Hanks in 'constant state of amazement'

Woody and Buzz are back.

Hollywood Boulevard became the world’s largest playpen on Saturday afternoon as Disney and Pixar preemed “Toy Story 2” at the El Capitan.

Guests of honor waded through the long line of limos and flurry of photogs, all in the name of technology. “I’ve been in a constant state of amazement throughout both of these projects,” pic’s star Tom Hanks said. “I still don’t understand how the whole thing is put together, but it’s quite an achievement.”

Tim Allen, who next appears in DreamWorks’ live actioner “Galaxy Quest,” offered up a more competitive take on the CGI revolution. “This is definitely going to have legs,” he said. “It sure will be interesting to see it go up against a real-life me.”

But, of course, the day belonged to the likes of Slinky and Mr. Potatohead, and director John Lasseter was relieved to show off the finished project. “We all took a deep breath after the first one,” he said. “We finally decided that if there was going to be a second film it would have to stand on its own and not be a carbon copy.”

Not to worry, since the bosses seemed thrilled. Roy Disney, studio toppers Michael Eisner, Joe Roth and Peter Schneider and Pixar chief Steve Jobs walked down the red carpet like proud parents who just won a lifetime supply of Cabbage Patch Kids, Elmos and Barbie Dolls.

Also in an animated mood were Ron Howard, Minnie Driver, Randy Newman, Rick Schroder, Christine Lahti, “The Sixth Sense’s” Haley Joel Osment, Kirstie Alley and Marie Osmond. They joined an authentic Buzz (astronaut Aldrin) and many of the famous faces behind the pic’s voices: Kelsey Grammer, Wallace Shawn, Laurie Metcalf, Annie Potts, Wayne Knight, John Ratzenberger and Estelle Harris.

After the screening, the party moved next door to the El Capitan Entertainment Center, where kids (big and small) barbecued and videogamed with David Hasselhoff, Ming Na, Norm Macdonald and Hallie Kate Eisenberg.