‘Bachelor’s’ wows

Helmer sez preem 'fantastic'

Though the joy of a major movie premiere can sometimes elude harried filmmakers (the words “it’s like being at a wedding reception in hell” have been voiced on occasion), none of the debut pleasure was lost upon director Gary Sinyor at Wednesday’s preem of “The Bachelor” at the Cinerama Dome.

“Fantastic, just fantastic,” said the British helmer regarding his stroll down the red carpet past dozens of film crews. “I’ve made three films in England and it’s depressing to have a premiere where three persons turn up with two cameras. This is what you aspire to.”

Sinyor said the preem and press experience made him realize his film “is now a product that people see and respond to and no longer this thing I’m working on.”

He noted that the filmmaking process is so “self-quizzical” — what music to use, what edit to make — that it was “refreshing to be asked: ‘What’s it like to direct 1,000 brides?’ I’ve always wanted to be asked that.”

In keeping with the pics matrimonial theme, New Line had 60 women (rent-a-brides?) in white wedding dresses outside the theater, thus creating a stunning visual dichotomy with the arriving Hollywood women in their regulation black. Between the brides and film, one screenwriter said she “wanted to go register — at Barney’s.”

Among those registering in at the premiere were New Line’s Bob Shaye, Mike De Luca and Donna Langley; stars Chris O’Donnell and Renee Zellweger; producers Lloyd Segan and Bing Howenstein; co-stars Brooke Shields, Artie Lange and Marley Shelton; plus 900 guests including Lou Pitt, Norman Brokaw, Kevin Huvane, Andrea King and Chris Fenton.