A buzzworthy event

MTV kicks off anti-violence campaign

Attorney General Janet Reno and the Goo Goo Dolls joined MTV prexy Judy McGrath on Friday to plug the cabler’s anti-violence campaign.

A feisty Reno took the opportunity of the press conference in MTV’s Times Square studio to prod MTV into a second public service campaign.

“It would be wonderful if MTV would begin a program for police to talk to teenagers,” Reno said.

Two members of the Goo Goo Dolls announced that fans who attend the band’s upcoming concerts will receive free copies of the anti-violence music CD and action guide that MTV is giving away to viewers who request it.

“If you hate our band, you might as well come to get the free CD,” Goo Goo Doll Robbie Takac joked.

Also on hand at the event was filmmaker Joel Schumacher, who directed a PSA for MTV’s anti-violence effort.

Schumacher, the director of “8MM” and “Batman & Robin,” disagreed with the view that movie violence instigates teen violence, such as the Littleton, Colo., murders. He added that filmmakers have at least some obligation to echo society’s teen violence in their films.

“There are 260 million people in this country and 250 million guns,” Schumacher said. “There are more guns than adults. It would be impossible to not have stories that reflect a violent culture.”