Stuart Craig, chairman and CEO of Craig Broadcast Systems Inc., Canada’s largest family-owned broadcasting company, died Oct. 30 of pancreatic cancer at his home in Brandon, Manitoba. He was 66.

Stuart Craig took over from his father, John, who founded the company in 1948 as a small-town radio station, and over the past 30 years expanded the size and scope of the company significantly. (The company is wholly-owned by the Craig family, and financials are therefore not available.)

Today Craig Broadcast Systems owns six radio stations and four television stations, all in Western Canada, and has 550 employees. Craig Broadcast also has a cable and international division whose creation and expansion were driven by Stuart Craig’s pioneering of a form of cable which uses line-of-sight microwave transmitters dubbed SkyCable TV.

Craig leaves three sons to carry on the company; they have stated their intention to continue with his plans to open the New Zealand SkyCable TV station.