Eagles show lands at Staples

Browne, Ronstadt join group in New Year's concert

The Eagles have been inked to usher in the new year by performing at the new Staples Center. Tickets for the triple-billed show, which also boasts Jackson Browne and Linda Ronstadt, will go on sale May 16.

The show, which had been expected (Daily Variety, March 17), is the venue’s first announced concert. It’ll be the band’s first stateside show in more than four years.

The event will offer scaled ticket prices ranging from a top of $1,000 to $50 for the arena show.

Ticket packages with value-added elements, such as a private party, are being considered and could raise the top ticket price.

“It was our goal to present a spectacular event as a sendoff to the 20th century,” Staples Center veep and general manager Bobby Goldwater said. He dubbed the triple bill “a singular and historic night of entertainment for New Year’s Eve in Los Angeles.”

The deal, which will give the Eagles a multimillion-dollar payday through a guaranteed sum and a split of the gate of the 22,000-seat arena, also earmarks a portion of the proceeds for L.A’s Best: After School Enrichment Program.

The show will cap the venue’s three month grand-opening period from October through December that will have several concerts in addition to the Lakers, Kings and Clippers games that will be scheduled.

The $350 million downtown center is set to open in October and will be the linchpin in Los Angeles’ efforts to revitalize the downtown area adjacent to the Convention Center.

Industry insiders suggest that even with a top tag of $1,000 and the remaining seats of the new venue scaled back to considerably less, the show will be a sell-out.

The Eagles’ road show in 1995 was the industry’s biggest, with a $61 million take (more than $1.2 million per night) despite playing a little over a handful of shows with a top price of $125 on some stops.

The Eagles join acts such as Jimmy Buffett, Barbra Streisand, Elton John and Michael Jackson ushering in New Year’s with high-profile event concerts.