Von Trier inks with Machine, Fine Line

Auteur pacts for two-pic deal

CANNES — Fine Line Features and Good Machine Intl. are partnering on a blind two-picture deal with Dogma guru Lars Von Trier, winner of the Cannes Grand Prix in 1996 for “Breaking the Waves.”

Insiders said that Good Machine will sell the pics internationally and Fine Line will distribute in North America. The Danish auteur will create and direct.

Von Trier is in pre-production on English-lingo pic “Dancer in the Dark.” Von Trier’s Zentropa Entertainment, in which he is partners with Peter Aalbaek Jensen, is producing the pic and GMI has all English-language rights. It is unclear, however, whether “Dancer” is the first pic under the deal.

It is also unclear whether the films will be made under Dogma 95, afilmmaking code established in 1995 by Von Trier and director Thomas Vinterberg to emphasize cinematic purity.

Under the terms of the pact, Von Trier is allowed to take on a studio film as well; however, the film would have to be initiated by the studio, not Von Trier.

Von Trier’s other credits include “Europa” and “The Idiots,” which screened last year in Cannes competition.