‘Saintly’: new U.K. toon age

$12 mil horror actioner is first all-CGI pic for Brits

The U.K.’s first entirely computer-animated movie is being prepped for production this summer by Noel Gay Prods. and Victor Film.

“Saintly” (aka “Bad Five”) is a $12 million horror action project in the tradition of adult comic books such as 2000AD.

In fact, the pic’s creators, director Nick Percival and scripter Pat Mills, met while working at Marvel Comics, publisher of 2000AD. Mills created one of Marvel’s best-known characters, Marshall Law.

Percival now runs his own Sheffield-based animation house, Cool Beans, which is also the producer of the upcoming movie.

Southern gothic

“Saintly” is set in a quiet town in the American South that is invaded by an evil carnival out to steal souls. The only resistance comes from the local schoolmarm, in league with a dysfunctional team of five government-trained demon-busters.

Percival describes the concept as “The Magnificent Seven” meets “Night of the Living Dead.”

The film will be financed through Gay and Victor’s joint facility, in tandem with a U.S. distribution deal currently in negotiation.

Cool Beans is working closely with the leading U.S. CGI houses to finalize the software and hardware to be used in the production.

Not for kids

Creatively the aim is to depart from the smooth, kid-oriented style of CGI filmmaking pioneered by the likes of Pixar and Disney with “Toy Story” and “A Bug’s Life,” and instead to adopt a more painterly comic-book style aimed at older teens and adults.

Percival said that “Saintly” will use “two and a half times” the computing power that was employed for “Toy Story.”