Pair of pix lined up for Outlaw territory

Warners-based company hitches with Intermedia for 'Mindhunters,' 'Security'

CANNES — Warner Bros.-based Outlaw Prods. has two new projects with Intermedia, “Mindhunters” and “National Security,” to follow up the Bruce Willis starrer “Ace,” which Intermedia is selling at Cannes.

“Mindhunters,” a co-production with Cary Brokaw’s Avenue Pictures, is a psychological action thriller set on a deserted island, where seven FBI trainees are going through their final tests to become serial-killer hunters. When it turns out that there’s a real killer in their midst, they have to turn their psychological skills on each other to save their lives.

Wayne Kramer wrote the original screenplay, which is being rewritten by Kevin Brodbin. The project, which is likely to cost between $20 million and $30 million, will shoot within the next year, according to Outlaw’s Robert Newmyer.

“National Security” will be directed by John Pasquin from a screenplay by the team of Jay Sherick and David Ronn (TV’s “Spin City”).

It’s an interracial action comedy in the vein of “48 Hours,” about a white ex-cop who was mistakenly kicked off the police force, and a black kid who wants to join up. They are forced through a series of coincidences to become partners in pursuit of suspects who are trying to kill them both.

Outlaw is run by Newmyer and Jeffrey Silver. The company signed a second-look deal last year with Guy East and Nigel Sinclair’s Intermedia, to supplement its first-look relationship with Warner.

“We find it a lot of fun to do business with these guys at Intermedia,” Newmyer said. “They are hugely entrepreneurial, and really fast in making decisions.”