MITIC, the 2-year-old techie market launched by Cannes mart topper Jerome Paillard last year, is to host all-digital motion picture “The Last Broadcast,” from director Lance Weiler.

The pic, which was shot on digital video, will be delivered and projected electronically at the Miramar screen, starting May 18.

The MITIC screening will pre-figure the digital projection of George Lucas’ “Star Wars” by several weeks, but in contrast to “Star Wars,” “The Last Broadcast” has been digitally compressed and sent to Cannes via satellite — a distribution method that could become commonplace in the not too distant future.

With digital cinema as one of its themes this year, MITIC is also screening two pics which were shot on digital video.

Jean-Marc Barr’s low-budget “Lovers,” which is being sold by TF1 Intl., was shot on digital video before being transferred to film. Pic stars hot Gallic actress Elodie Bouchez.

The second MITIC screening will be the 17-minute short “Cambrure” from Eric Rohmer. The project was shot and will be projected on digital video.