Euro post alliance

Leading European digital film facilities are forming an alliance to boost the European post-production industry and attract more film projects to Europe. The MAX European Post Production Alliance, to be launched in Cannes, will provide business development and marketing services, technical integration and project management facilities to members.

Initial facilities are Das Werk in Germany, Mikros Image in France, Blue Gold in Italy and ACE in Belgium. Managing director Alex Patrick-Smith says the alliance also will offer a cost-effective film-restoration service utilizing Domino, Spirit and Inferno systems during downtime.

* * *

Digital Cinema tour

“The Last Broadcast,” which will be digitally screened in Cannes, will be the first all-digital international release of a feature, according to distribs Wavelength Releasing. First stop on the electronic cinema tour is the Directors Guild of America theater in New York, where the screening will include a high-definition demonstration and a panel discussion on the future of e-cinema. The Gotham event, set for May 15, is sponsored by the American Museum of the Moving Image and the Independent Film Channel.

After Cannes, the feature and a short, “Protest,” will screen in London, Dublin and Stockholm. The Power Display projection technology used for screening the films will be provided by Digital Projection. “Last Broadcast” has been called a “desktop feature” and was reportedly made for an initial cost of $900.