Winners overtook the B.O. losers last week, with 11 shows gaining and eight losing ground. However, what a difference a hit show makes in the total Broadway receipts for the week of Aug. 30 to Sept. 5. With “Death of a Salesman” dark — Brian Dennehy took the week off — total receipts dropped $1,390,226 to hit $8,326,196. Also on hiatus was “It Ain’t Nothing But the Blues,” which re-opens at the Ambassador on Sept. 9.

Survival watch still continues on those new entries, “Voices in the Dark,” improving $12,463 to scare up $140,109, and “Kat the Kings,” kicking up an additional $21,029 to sing $186,403. “Voices” is at just under 40% potential, with “Kat” at around 36%. Actually, the $21,029 jump for “Kat” was the week’s record for B.O. improvement. In the opposite direction, “Smokey Joe’s Cafe” plummeted a record $100,989, to end the week at $260,985 — or just over $42% of potential.

Those that gained over the previous outing inched up in snail steps, whereas a few of the losers, such as “Smokey,” did not mess around as they slid downward. “The Phantom of the Opera” took in $77,720 less to round the week out at $594,636, while “Footloose” lost $57,482 to end at $392,734.