Broadway continues to recover nicely from its post-Labor Day freefall, up $585,434 from the previous sesh to reach $8,525,338 for the week of Sept. 20-26. Including shows in preview, the tally came to 23 productions on the boards.

Helping the cause were the two previewers, both on an upward trajectory: “Dame Edna: The Royal Tour” dished out another $25,461 to hit $139,661 for the week. “Epic Proportions” continued to build, growing $23,884 to reach $112,261. They played, respectively, 77.58% and 67.19% of potential attendance.

Every show gained but two: “Cabaret” and “The Phantom of the Opera,” and their losses from the previous week were minor, dropping $9,889 and $10,749, respectively.

Biggest gains were registered by “Jekyll & Hyde,” which scared up another $61,854 to end the week with $323,539; and “The Weir,” which landed an additional $51,027 to finish with $177,746.

“Kat and the Kings” and “Voices in the Dark” received a gift last week: The two newcomers to Broadway reversed the previous week’s trend and received boosts. “Kat” coined an additional $22,320 to end at $148,900, or 47.97% attendance. “Voices” shot up $31,987 to come out of the dark at $123,706, or 49.68% attendance.