‘Night’ feverish B.O.

Struts to nearly 95% of capacity; 'Dame' also dandy

“Saturday Night Fever” is a dancer with legs. It registered the biggest gain on Broadway last week, raising its temperature $114,003 to end at $815,811, which is not that far from its $901,190 gross potential. Tickets averaged $63.77, and it played 94.85% capacity.

“Dame Edna,” the street’s other robust newcomer, took something of a breather and rose merely $1,497, for a final tally of $245,735. It’s gross potential: $327,314.

In previews, the heavily discounted “Rainmaker” came close to sellout, playing 92.40% cap, but with the average price ticket set at $34.59. Receipts hit $255,147, with gross potential standing around $327,614.

“Kiss Me, Kate,” also in its first two weeks of a full eight perfs, puckered up $60,095 over the previous session, smacking a final $444,490 with a $771,039 potential. It played 74.86% cap, with tickets going for $52.19.

Once again, the sellouts were “The Lion King” and “Death of a Salesman.” “Cabaret” and “Fosse” came close, playing at 94.65% and 93.57% cap, respectively. Each dipped a bit: $20,747 down for “Cabaret” and a minus $19,418 for Fosse.

“Epic Proportions” finally reversed its downward spiral, gaining $9,222 to end at $75,536, but with its gross potential of $301,055 still off on the far horizon.

Two other small shows stumbled: “It Ain’t Nothin’ But the Blues” fell $31,135 to finish at $132,604, while “Kat and the Kings” slid $10,196 to land at $132,604. Their gross potentials are $533,928 and $498,814, respectively.