LaBute lures Flockhart for trio of one-act plays

Legiter to bow off Broadway June 14

NEW YORK — A deal is imminent for “Ally McBeal” star Calista Flockhart to topline “A Gaggle of Saints,” a series of one-act plays penned by helmer-writer Neil LaBute.

Produced by Stephen Pevner and Tony-nominated producer Eric Krebs (“Electra,” and “It Ain’t Nothin’ But the Blues”), “Gaggle” will be mounted Off Broadway at the 199-seat Douglas Fairbanks Theater beginning June 14, bowing on June 24 and running through July.

It will also be done pell-mell and in record time — a Krebs hallmark — with Flockhart skedded to rehearse for three weeks beginning Tuesday and then play for five.

Joe Mantello, who most recently directed Neil Simon’s “Proposals” as well as the Broadway legiter and indie pic “Love! Valour! Compassion!,” is in advanced negotiations to helm.

The legiter comprises three one-act monologues, “Bash,” “Medea Redux” and “Iphegenia in Orem.” The first examines gay-bashing while the other two are “modern takes on the Greek mythological tales of the same names,” Pevner said.

“Medea,” based on the classic Greek tale, concerns a princess famed for her skill in sorcery and not her forgiveness: After marrying Jason and helping him nab the Golden Fleece, she bears him two children. But when Jason leaves her to marry another, Medea sends the new bride an enchanted gown which burns her to death. She then kills her own children.

“Iphegenia in Orem” is based on Euripides’ stories about Iphegenia, the murdered sister of Electra and Orestes, children of King Agamemnon — who’d had his daughter killed to shorten the Trojan War.

Flockhart is repped by Bill Butler at the Gersh Agency, Mantello by Bill Craver at Writers and Artists in New York; LaBute by Brad Gross at Sanford-Gross.