The vaudeville term “turkey” may have derived from those overstuffed audiences that slept through performances on Thanksgiving. Awake or not, theatergoers this holiday sent box office tallies soaring — up $2,575,306 over the previous session — to finish at $14,192,990.

“Annie Get Your Gun” and “The Phantom of the Opera” joined “The Lion King” as the sellouts. Flirting with SRO status were “Beauty and the Beast” (95.99%), “Cabaret” (96.13%), “Fosse” (99.65%) and “Les Miserables” (95.36%).

“Phantom of the Opera” and “Cats” clawed out the biggest gross jumps over the previous session: $254,809 and $253,164, respectively. Just as impressive was the $236,655 gain that “Kiss Me, Kate” registered over its opening week of heavily comped previews. The musical took in $667,056, with a gross potential of $771,039. It played 89.75% cap, with a high average priced ticket of $65.34. Only “Cabaret” ($72.52), “Fosse” ($71.30) and “Saturday Night Fever” ($68.05) charged more.

With its lofty $901,190 gross potential, “SNF” cooked up another $55,307 to end with $859,040.

“Putting It Together” put together an additional $109,685 for a grand total of $417,213, just under its $461,922 g.p.

As for those two new revivals, “The Rainmaker” saw the smallest increase on Broadway — $4,140 — making for a $276,314 tally, which is about $51,000 under its gross potential. Average ticket: $42.22. “The Price” also rose, up $39,134 to finish at $192,700 on a $310,093 g.p. Average ticket sold was $42.12.