Floyd fails to spoil Broadway B.O. pool

Majority of perfs up; 'Cats' enters ninth life

Hurricane Floyd didn’t prevent Broadway from staging a rebound. Overall, gross was at $7,939,904 with 23 shows. Previous week, it stood at $7,409,128 with 22. “Dame Edna,” in previews, is the newcomer.

Sixteen shows gained, some doing so dramatically: “Ragtime” jumped $80,218 to finish at $501,120; “Chicago” kicked up $54,681 to end with $591,533; and “Annie Get Your Gun” shot up $53,957 to bag $626,842.

Less in the kitty

“Cats,” however, may be entering its ninth life. It dropped $18,078 from the previous week to capture $332,290. Attendance stands at a little over 58.65% of cap, an all-time-low.

Plays with a few thousand perfs less than “Cats” also declined. Newcomer “Kat and the Kings” had been improving session by session, but last week saw a precipitous drop of $71,511 to bottom at $126,580. Attendance is at 41.70%. “Voices in the Dark” continued its slump, losing $22,888 from the previous week to scare up a meager $91,719. Attendance stands at 31.99% of capacity.