‘Civil War’ heading south on White Way

Tony-nommed tuners, B'Way in decline

The White Way saw marginal decline last week, with most shows posting negligible losses that pulled Broadway’s take down $271,631, to $13,127,815.

By far the hardest hit was “The Civil War” the Frank Wildhorn tuner that dropped $39,934 last week. The plunge took it dangerously close into stop-clause territory, with the tuner taking only 34% of its gross potential of $796,311.

Lately it seems as though the worst thing that could happen to a play in trouble is to get a Tony nomination.

“The Lonesome West” seems to have utterly failed to capitalize on its Tony nom for best play. The Martin McDonagh legiter posted only $92,698 of a possible $327,664, down $13,033.

Grosses were down a modest $7,774 at “Side Man” too, which has vowed to cross the Tony finish line regardless of outcome or how much cash it loses.

“Last year, where you had two new plays, ‘Art’ and ‘Beauty Queen’ fighting for the Tony,” one theater exec said, “this year, the Tony noms haven’t translated into a boost, because none of them are very good. And really, anyone of them could close the week after the Tonys.”

(Compare them with “The Weir” a new play that received nary a nom but is still doing a brisk $255,877 of a possible $339,152 at the Walter Kerr.)

‘Amy’s View’ looks good

Bucking the downward trend, “Amy’s View” and “Footloose” both managed to make sizable increases.

“View” cleared up considerably, taking in an extra $49,413, to top out at $$439,498 — the week’s largest uptick — at the Ethel Barrymore.

“Footloose” watched its grosses dance upward by $31,279 to take in $430,975 at the Richard Rodgers.

The results were similarly unspectacular for the leader among the Tony nommed musicals: “Fosse” was essentially flat, taking in $1,100 more, to gross $592,173.