World big on Bond

O'seas B.O. fills up on 007, 'Bone,' 'Double'

In a so-so frame for freshmen in Europe, foreign debutantes “The World Is Not Enough,” “The Bone Collector” and “Double Jeopardy” provided most of thrills at the international box office.

UIP’s “The World Is Not Enough” got off to a fine foreign start, nabbing $531,013 from 48 cinemas in Malaysia, beating “GoldenEye” by 22%, and $661,534 from 36 Singaporean screens, besting the previous James Bond outing by 39%.

Sony’s “The Bone Collector” also stepped out well overseas, knocking BVI’s “The Sixth Sense” out of the top spot after six weeks to spook $1 million from 271 houses in Australia, where UPI’s “Mickey Blue Eyes” (cume: $16 million) hoodwinked $815,610 from 208 galleries (while stealing $178,500 from 51 houses in Holland).

Another debutante was UIP’s “Double Jeopardy,” which matched “Mercury Rising’s” results in South Korea, with a fine $286,007 from 42 prints, although it was beaten by Nippon pic “Love Letter.”

BVI’s “Tarzan” (which, with a cume of $108.5 million, is Disney’s ninth consecutive animation to pass $100 million) had a $9 million weekend, toplined by a top spot $461,000 Dutch bow on 139 prints and $208,000 from 65 Polish places, while dropping just 15% but retaining top spot in Germany.

Bucking often drab biz in Europe was Sony’s “Random Hearts” (cume: $13.6 million), which took a top spot $1.4 million from 229 Spanish screens. In a $5.5 million weekend, pic also took a top spot $260,330 from 35 houses in Belgium, $342,015 from 108 Brazilian sites, $321,040 from 101 Mexican locales, $141,815 from 35 Portuguese prints. So-so results included $497,980 from 237 British cinemas and $117,295 from 40 Danish houses, while pic tanked in New Zealand.

Losing streak

In France, “Blue Streak” (cume: $14.9 million) was the best of a poorly performing crop of freshmen, coming in just ahead of local pic “Mauvaise Passe” with an unenthralling $662,982 from 279 locales. “Blue Streak” also was stiffed in the Czech Republic, with $8,250 from 12 sites, but was better in Hong Kong and Greece, with $61,777 and $38,200 from 15 and five venues, respectively.

UIP’s “The General’s Daughter” (cume: $33.6 million) beat “Kiss the Girls” by 26% to marshal $1.3 million from 370 prints in Germany and Austria, where the only other opener in top five was local pic “Ungekuesst.” Also in Germany, Fox’s “Never Been Kissed” (cume: $24.8 million) slobbered $1 million from 307 cinemas and Sony’s “Go” (cume: $11.9 million) dragged just $19,650 from 19 sites.

New Line’s “The Astronaut’s Wife” (cume: $2.8 million) crashed in France and Germany with just $228,253 and $114,372 from 144 and 155 venues, respectively, but fared somewhat better in Belgium and Venezuela, with $94,905 and $40,265 from 46 and 15 prints, respectively.

No freshmen made the top five in Italy, where Warner Bros.’ “The Deep Blue Sea” (cume: $70.3 million) snapped an OK $617,520 from 164 Italian cinemas (as well as a good $188,222 from 26 Greek venues) and UIP’s “October Sky” mustered a measly $68,210 from 38 prints. UIP’s “EdTV” (cume: $11 million) bowed a blah $466,277 from 186 sites in the U.K., where BVI’s “The Sixth Sense” (cume: $130.4 million) clung to top spot in its third lap.

‘Fight’ KO’d

In a $6 million weekend, Fox’s “Fight Club” (cume: 23.3 million) fizzed in the Philippines, with just $88,250 on 43 prints, and fell 19% in the U.K. (local cume: $4.6 million) dropped 40% in France ($3.2 million) and dipped 26% Germany.

Elsewhere, UIP’s “Bowfinger” (cume: $16.2 million) nabbed a good $166,285 from 30 Portuguese prints and $30,690 from 10 Norwegian sites, Sony’s “Big Daddy” (cume: $57.7 million) lumbered $291,255 from 80 Swedish screens and $51,6654 from 30 theaters in Finland, while New Line’s “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me” (cume: $103 million) spied a shagtastic $44,200 from four screens in Russia.

UIP’s “Tea With Mussolini” (cume: $6.6 million) took an OK $22,243 and $25,245 from two and six prints in Denmark and New Zealand, respectively, while stablemates “Stigmata” (cume: $2.3 million) grabbed an OK $114,025 from 51 South African screens, “Election” (cume: $1.1 million) stiffed in Mexico with just $20,250 from 20 prints and “The Out-of-Towners (cume: $4.2 million) was out of vogue in Taiwan with $38,255 from 42 screens.