WB takes tyro’s ‘Townie’

Baltimore/Spring Creek, Spink, Bender to helm

Warner Bros. has snagged the spec script “Urban Townie” by tyro writer Jesse Wigutow, beating out Artisan in the process.

Baltimore/Spring Creek, which brought the material to the studio, will produce with Wigutow’s managers J.C. Spink and Chris Bender. UTA, which also reps Wigutow, made the sale.

The deal was described as being in the mid-six figures and part of a blind commitment.

Story is described as a love triangle where a Holden Caulfield-type protagonist living in the Midwest comes back to New York City for his estranged father’s funeral and discovers that his old gal pal has taken up with his best friend.

Scenario is said to approximate the rich-and-disaffected tone of “Less Than Zero” and to feel more like an indie movie than a big-budget picture.

WB is understood to be putting together a director’s list before thinking about attaching a cast.

Wigutow, who just graduated from AFI, gave his script to two assistants at UTA who championed it onto an agent’s desk. A plan to package “Urban” with cast before going out to the town was then quickly jettisoned when initial response from WB and Artisan proved overwhelming.