When skedding their 2000 event pics, Warner Bros. and Disney are choosing different Mars attacks.

Warners has pushed back the release of “Red Planet” to June 16 from March 31.

Disney still plans a March 10 liftoff for “Mission to Mars.”

Neither studio’s execs would elaborate on plans, but it’s always the stuff of intrigue when identically themed projects arise at rival shops.

Some recent examples of duos debunk the common perception that the first to market is always the domestic B.O. winner.

“A Bug’s Life,” Disney’s insect pic, racked up $162.8 million despite bowing six weeks after DreamWorks’ “Antz.”

Paramount’s asteroid pic “Deep Impact” debuted in May 1998 and took in $140.5 million, but Disney’s “Armageddon” followed nearly two months later and did $201.6 million.

Then again, about nine months after Paramount’s $125 million hit “The Truman Show” bowed, Universal launched “EDtv.” The latter collected just $22.4 million.

And few can forget 1997’s spring of liquid hot magma. Final scorecard, in order of release: “Dante’s Peak,” $67.1 million, “Volcano,” $49.3 million.