Getting a jump on the summer pic blitz, Warner Bros. is offering never-before-seen clips of its latest Tom Cruise-Nicole Kidman sizzler “Eyes Wide Shut” to media outlets today, two months before pic’s summer release July 16.

Cruise, who hasn’t yet uttered a word about the film to the media, is also skedded to let loose in an interview about Stanley Kubrick’s last movie.

The hush-hush approach to the film’s storyline hasn’t changed much, however, and no date has been confirmed for the release of “Eyes” trailer into theaters.

But what has been set in stone is a 60-second commercial spot for “Eyes,” featuring the new clips and set to air on NBC Thursday during “ER’s” season-ender.

As for the content of the fresh footage, WB senior publicity veep Nancy Kirkpatrick would only say, “As always, Mr. Kubrick’s film will speak for itself.”

But “the material has gone through the usual MPAA clearances,” Kirkpatrick added, and will be appropriate for TV auds.