Vine guy and ghosts get B.O. o’seas

'Tarzan' swings record in Germany, 'Sense' sees $100 mil

Wow bows by “Tarzan” in German-speaking territories and Scandinavia, “The Sixth Sense” in the U.K. (and its runaway biz in other markets) and “Stigmata” in Mexico energized the weekend overseas B.O.

“Sense” became the 12th title this year to cross $100 million overseas, now standing at $105.1 million, and “Tarzan” is a day or two away from joining that elite club.

“Tarzan” collared $4.4 million on 765 in Germany, a Disney animated opening record, beating “The Lion King” by 12% and becoming the industry’s 11th-best ever. The man-among-apes adventure nabbed $1.4 million on 153 vines in Sweden, the third-highest in history there behind “Lion King” (which it trailed by just 5%) and “Independence Day,” and $800,000 on 85 in Austria, another animated record and the seventh-biggest of all time for that territory.

Other hot debuts included Denmark’s $710,000 on 62 (the territory’s second-highest behind one of the local “Jonsen” Gang pics); and Norway’s $543,000 on 77 (also No. 1 for an animated entry). All told, “Tarzan” gathered $9.7 million, and its cume soared to $97.1 million.

‘Sense’ of accomplishment

“The Sixth Sense” snared a phenom $8 million on 430 in the U.K. (including $2 million from sneaks), an all-time high for a Buena Vista Intl. release in that market; the territory cume is $8.6 million, including its one-week exclusive run in London.

M. Night Shyamalan’s thriller slipped by just 9% in its third round in Italy, conjuring up $7 million to date, and ruled for the sixth consecutive weekend in Australia, amassing $15 million to stand as the second-highest grosser this year behind “Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace.” In Japan, “Sense” has spooked a socko $27.1 million through its third lap.

In its first offshore date, “Stigmata” scared up $921,000 in three days on 248 in Mexico, 26% higher than “Saving Private Ryan’s” entry and 9% better than “Notting Hill.”

Batterer up

After getting a bloody nose in a few of its first offshore encounters, “Fight Club” showed more biff in its latest round of openings, ringing up $1.9 million on 322 in the U.K., $1.9 million on 396 in France (registering especially well in Paris) and $1.4 million on 335 in Germany. However the Aussie opening of $651,000 on 184 was just fair.

The Brad Pitt starrer garnered $9.2 million from debuts in 18 territories and holdovers in 14 markets. In Europe, David Fincher’s pic is engendering similar levels of media coverage and debate as it did in the U.S. Word of mouth appears mostly favorable, as evidenced by its mere 20% second weekend drop in Spain, cuming $1.9 million.

Harrison Ford’s drawing power abroad is ensuring fairly lively launches for “Random Hearts,” which fetched $1.7 million on 265 in France (placing fourth behind the mercurial “Phantom Menace,” “Joan or Arc” and “Fight Club”), $1.5 million on 194 in Italy (second behind “Sixth Sense”) and $402,000 on 17 in Taiwan (taking pole position and ranking as Columbia TriStar’s fourth-best opener there).

“Blue Streak” raked in a tidy $508,000 on 191 in Mexico, including previews, and $271,000 on 65 in Thailand but was less impressive entering Denmark, Norway and the Philippines. In its soph sessions, the actioner suffered a 38% erosion Down Under for $2.3 million to date, but eased by just 15% in Spain ($2.6 million) and by 26% in Korea ($1.2 million).

Riding the wave

“Deep Blue Sea” caught an estimated $518,000 on 150 in Brazil, $219,000 on 50 in Portugal (Warner Bros.’ second-best preem ever there) and $157,000 on 25 in Indonesia (accounting for 51% of the top five titles’ B.O.). Cume topped $66 million.

“The Thomas Crown Affair” landed in Japan with a mediocre $587,000 in two days on 171 and took a modest $316,000 in five days on 47 in the Philippines. Nearing the end of its offshore travels, the Pierce Brosnan/Rene Russo starrer has cumed $48.3 million, led by the U.K.’s $9.2 million and Spain’s $5.6 million; however the results have been indifferent in Germany, France, Italy, Australia and Sweden.

“Phantom Menace” collected $4.3 million abroad, elevating the cume to $478 million, including France’s stellar $37.2 million after its fifth frame and China’s $1.8 million in its second.