NEW YORK — Hong Kong-based director Stanley Tong has signed to helm “Two Clocks Running,” an action thriller for Steve Reuther’s Bel Air Entertainment that is expected to shoot early next year for Warner Bros.

In the script by Robert Franke, a snitch for a crooked cop becomes enraged at a top crime boss when a friend is brutalized because he may have information that could put the mobster away. The snitch becomes a vigilante, and the crooked cop and the crime boss try to stop him before he stops them.

Reuther bought the project as a spec this summer from Franke, who also wrote “Made Men” for Joel Silver at Warner Bros. and “Lunatic Fringe,” which is in development for Dimension. He also rewrote “Day Before Midnight” for Universal. Reuther will produce “Two Clocks Running” with Franke.

High-octane action

Tong, the executive producer and co-creator of the CBS hit series “Martial Law,” is best known for the action films he helmed in Hong Kong before coming to Hollywood, including Jackie Chan pics “Rumble in the Bronx,” “First Strike” and “Supercop.” Tong began his career as a stunt coordinator and specializes in high-octane action. He’ll work with the scribe to polish the script, with production to begin next year.

Tong is repped by William Morris and managed by Andre Morgan of the Ruddy-Morgan Organization.