It may not be time to retire the old saw about the naive thesp who was so green in the ways of Hollywood that she slept with the screenwriter, but it’s clear some progress has been made since the days when Goldwyn famously proclaimed “Get me two $500-a-week writers and I’ll write this movie myself!”

Thanks to the diligence and determination of individual screenwriters and their collective clout, the wordsmiths aren’t get-ting pushed around quite so much and certainly not so quietly.

There are high-profile campaigns for gross profits participation and the Writers Guild of America has been leading the charge to challenge possessive credits it thinks demote the contribution of the screenwriter to Goldwynian disregard.

Despite the coverage of those crusades and the occasional big-ticket screenplay sale story, there’s still a paucity of ink and industry attention expended on the careers of writers. This is a star- and auteur-driven biz and even the Bible of Showbiz some-times skips over the screenwriter’s contribution in the rush to credit the marquee names and their dealmakers. So here’s 10 fresh reasons (counting teams as one) to ponder the power of the word and celebrate the creative process that is the real greenlight behind every project.