‘Star’ rises o’seas

'Wars' prequel, 'Sense,' 'Daddy,' 'Eyes' score

Pumping up the volume of the fall season overseas, the “Star Wars” prequel had record-busting preems in Eastern Europe and a potent but not earth-shattering launch in Italy over the weekend, while “The Sixth Sense” wowed Asia, “Big Daddy” captivated Australia and Mexico and “Eyes Wide Shut” opened smartly in Europe.

Minting $13.2 million from 31 countries, “Star Wars: Episode 1 –The Phantom Menace” soared to $369 million. In Italy, the Jedi knights raked in $3.8 million in three days at 605 pods, Fox’s third-highest opener in the territory behind “Titanic” and “Independence Day.” The original “Star Wars” grossed a hefty $9.6 million in Italy but the reissue made just $3.3 million.

“Phantom Menace” clocked $979,000 on 80 screens in Poland, the second-highest debut of all time behind local click “Fire and Sword,” and smashed industry records in six other Eastern Euro territories, led by Hungary’s $441,000 on 39 (eclipsing previous champ “The Lost World: Jurassic Park” by 71%).

‘Sense’ sends ’em

In its initial engagements, “The Sixth Sense” is playing like a big action

movie, despite the film’s tone. The Bruce Willis starrer nabbed $672,000 on 105 in Thailand (beating “Armageddon” by 17% and commanding an amazing 80% of the top 15 titles’ receipts), $640,000 on 37 in South Korea and $549,000 on 27 in Singapore (the second-best bow this year behind “The Mummy”). Pic abated by a moderate 29% in its soph session in Hong Kong, tallying $1.3 million to date.

Adam Sandler’s considerable popularity in Australia helped ensure a splendid $1.7 million launch on 285 for “Big Daddy,” Columbia TriStar’s third-highest opening behind “Men in Black” and “My Best Friend’s Wedding.” The comedy generated a lively $977,000 on 260 in Mexico (including previews) but was just so-so in Belgium and soft in Korea (where Sandler isn’t a name).

‘Eyes’ opens strong

“Eyes Wide Shut” hauled in a uniformly good $2.9 million on 507 in France (22% better than “Basic Instinct” and 32% ahead of “Disclosure”), $1.6 million on 251 in Spain (Warner Bros.’ fourth-highest debut), $359,000 on 60 in Sweden, $192,000 on 15 in German-speaking Switzerland (WB’s second-best) and $205,000 on 30 in Norway.

Stanley Kubrick’s sexual thriller dropped by 26% in the U.K., collecting an OK $4.4 million in 10 days, and edged up by 1% in Germany after a slow start for $2.6 million to date. Cume is $51.5 million.

The third installment in the “Werner” animated franchise in Germany took a swell $4 million on 815. “American Pie” scored a lusty $1.5 million on 229 in Australia ($2.6 million including sneaks, 29% better than “Shakespeare in Love” and 57% higher than “The Nutty Professor”) and a moderate $855,000 on 165 in Spain. The gross-out comedy has taken a tepid $1 million in Sweden and ditto in Taiwan, both in four weeks, and a slim $354,000 in two weeks in the Philippines.

‘Bride’ romps

The crowdpleaser “Runaway Bride” romped into the Philippines with $445,000 on 58 (topping “Notting Hill” by 37%) and in its second laps eased by just 25% in Brazil, tallying $2.8 million, 38% in Argentina ($1.4 million), 6% in Holland ($847,000) and 18% in Denmark ($641,000). Its cume hit $20 million.

After posting Disney’s third-highest animated opening in Australia, “Tarzan” eased by 24% for a swinging $2.1 million; cume reached $55 million.

“The Matrix” climbed to $218 million, driven by Japan’s smash $19.6 million in nine days (falling by a reasonable 40% after its record non-holiday bow). “Wild Wild West” topped $88 million and plunged by a worrying 58% in its second round in Australia, torpedoed by dire word-of- mouth, for $2 million thus far.