Shooting Gallery subsid to rent out Miami space

Shingle gets warehouse for 'Himbos'

MIAMI — Slated to open Oct. 1, the 25,000 square-foot production center will offer six office suites equipped with fax-ready phone lines and editing machines.

“This facility is going to offer a home tailored to filmmakers,” said C.J. Follini, president of Gun for Hire Production Centers.

First project an indie

Although GFH plans to focus on commercial and video work, the first project in the door is the $6 million indie feature “Himbos,” produced by Ray Angelic and Juan Carlos Zapata.

Brothers Jason and Peter Filardi (who scribed “The Craft” and wrote and directed the upcoming “Ricky”) will co-direct. Pic is a screwball comedy about two dimwitted guys who move from Connecticut to Miami to become male models. Shooting is slated to begin Nov. 8.

Miami is the second city in GFH’s expansion. The first is a larger facility in Manhattan that has serviced producers like Scott Rudin and projects for Universal, Warner Brothers and other studios. Like that facility, the Miami Beach venue will offer assistance for clearing music, streamlining budgets and negotiating with unions.

Office space scare

Office space is notoriously scarce in Miami. So much so that crews often wind up working out of hotel suites. In January, the crew for the Harrison Ford starrer “Random Hearts” worked out of the Eden Roc Hotel. Oliver Stone and company camped out at the Mayfair House Hotel while filming the football pic “On Any Given Sunday.”

“A lot of shorter-term projects do end up using a hotel,” said Jeff Peel, director of the Miami-Dade Office of Film, TV and Print. “You’d be very lucky to find some sort of building with offices set up. Office space here doesn’t work like that. They want long-term tenants.”

Gun for Hire also plans to open two more centers in Toronto and Vancouver by next spring.