‘Revelations’ comes to DeVito & Warners

Petroni penned pic

Danny DeVito is in talks with Warner Bros. to helm the supernatural religious thriller “Revelations” for studio producers Village Roadshow and the Canton Co.

Village Roadshow and WB would split development and production costs.

Originally sold as a pitch, “Revelations” was penned by Michael Petroni. Billed as a story of a faithless man provoked into a state of grace, plot concerns a cop who, during a St. Patrick’s Day ceremony, takes a bullet intended for a Catholic cardinal.

As his wounds heal, the officer’s search for the shooter dovetails with his own religious re-examination.

If the directing deal closes, the project would be a tonal and contextual departure for DeVito, whose previous outings as helmer — except for “Hoffa” — have tended toward lighter fare such as “Matilda,” and “Throw Momma From the Train.”

Under the Jersey Films banner, the CAA-repped DeVito has been busier as a producer than a director, recently inking a deal with New Line to produce Andrew Niccol’s “River Road” (Daily Variety, Nov. 10).

Petroni, a prolific Australian writer who attended AFI’s Graduate Screenwriters Program, has been on the fast track since graduating in 1996. Petroni’s “Miracles,” another drama with religious overtones, is being produced by Stuart Birnbaum with Jerry Zucker attached to direct. Project is set up at Disney-based Spyglass Entertainment.

Petroni, who is repped by UTA and Gold/Miller, is adapting the Anne Rice title “Queen of the Damned” for WB, as well as his original screenplay “Till Human Voices Wake Us,” which is being independently financed.