Record 47 foreign pix vie for Oscar

Bhutan, Nepal, Tadjikistan submit for first time

A record 47 countries — including Bhutan and Nepal — have submitted pics to compete for the 1999 best foreign language film Oscar.

The 1999 tally tops the previous record of 45 countries, which was set in 1994, Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences prexy Robert Rehme said Monday.

For the first time, the Academy’s Foreign Language Film Award committee will screen pics from Bhutan (“The Cup”), Nepal (“Caravan”) and Tadjikistan (“Luna Papa”).

Other countries competing for a spot in the final five include Spain (“All About My Mother”); Austria (“Northern Skirts”); Croatia (“Red Dust”); Hong Kong (“Ordinary Heroes”); Iceland (“The Honourof the House”); Israel (“Yana’s Friends”); Lebanon (“Around the Pink House”); and Belgium (Cannes winner “Rosetta”).

The top five entries will be chosen by the committee, chaired by “Galaxy Quest” producer Mark Johnson. The committee will begin the selection process Dec. 1. Academy Award noms will be announced Feb. 15.

Other countries and their submissions are:

Argentina’s “Manuelita,” Brazil’s “Orfeu,” Canada’s “Set Me Free,” China’s “Lover’s Grief Over the Yellow River,” Columbia’s “Time Out,” Czech Republic’s “Return of the Idiot,” Denmark’s “Mifune,” Finland’s “The Tough Ones;”

France’s “East-West,” Georgia’s “Here Comes the Dawn,” Germany’s “Aimee & Jaguar,” Greece’s “From the Edge of the City,” Hungary’s “The Lord’s Lantern in Budapest,” India’s “Earth,” Indonesia’s “Sri,” Iran’s “The Colours of Paradise,” Italy’s “Not of This World,” Japan’s “Railroad Man;”

Mexico’s “El Coronel no tiene quien le escriba,” The Netherlands’ “Scratches in the Table,” Norway’s “The Prompter,” Peru’s “Captain Pantoja and the Special Services,” the Philippines’ “The Kite,” Poland’s “Pan Tadeusz,” Portugal’s “The Mutants,” Romania’s “The Famous Paparazzo,” Russia’s “Moloch,” Slovakia’s “All My Loved Ones;”

Sweden’s “Under the Sun,” Switzerland’s “Beresina,” or “The Last Days of Switzerland,” Taiwan’s “March of Happiness,” Turkey’s “Mrs. Salkim’s Diamonds,” U.K.’s (Wales) “Solomon and Gaenor,” Venezuela’s “Glue Sniffer,” Vietnam’s “Three Seasons” and Yugoslavia’s “The White Suit.”