In the film biz, a year can change your life, not to mention your bank account and marquee status. Last May, we told the world to watch 10 producers.

Among them were German producer Stefan Arndt, whose film, “Run Lola Run” hadn’t been released yet. “Lola” became his first breakthrough hit and has gone on to international acclaim, almost singlehandedly putting Germany back in the global cin-ema spotlight. Producer Dolly Hall’s “High Art” had preemed at Sundance, but hadn’t gone on to its theatrical success and bounty of critical plaudits, and provided a major career jumpstart for star Ally Sheedy. Producer Sarah Curtis’s “The Governess” hadn’t won major fest honors and “Cruel Intentions,” producer Neal Moritz’s $11 million gamble on first-time helmer Roger Kumble hadn’t brought home nearly $40 million for Columbia Pictures. It’s May again, and we’re bullish about ten more producers from around the world. Whether you’re tracking art or commerce, fail to watch these ten at your own peril.