Price set to give keynote at LFCA

Economics guru to address Large Format crowd

Harrison A. Price, the dean of recreation economics who conducted site location and economic feasibility studies for Disneyland and Disney World, will deliver the keynote address for the annual Large Format Cinema Association conference and film fest, which will be held from May 19 through 21 in L.A.

Price will deliver his address May 20 during a luncheon at the Loker Conference Center in the California Science Center. His talk will be titled “Markets, Markets, Markets,” echoing the “story, story, story” speech that Mandalay Entertainment chairman Peter Guber gave as last year’s keynote speaker.

Price has worked on nearly 30 projects involving large format cinema, including the Destination Cinema theater at the Grand Canyon, the Foxwoods Cinetropolis in Connecticut, Houston Space Center, the Discovery Center at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, Sony Metreon in San Francisco and Universal City Walk in L.A.

“With the large-format industry at a commercial/institutional crossroads, we need to hear from ‘Buzz’ Price,” said LFCA conference chair Therese Andrade. “He knows every project in the business — the successes as well as the false starts.”

In 1978, Price founded Harrison Price Co., which conducts about 40 studies a year in recreation and tourism economics, land use and management consulting. He has also undertaken feasibility studies, attendance planning or master planning work for eight world’s fairs, including five pavilions at the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair, Vancouver Expo ’86 and World Expo ’88 in Brisbane, Australia.

More than 400 members of the international large-format film industry are expected to attend LFCA 99, which will feature screenings of full-length titles and shorts in both 8/70 and 15/70 formats.

“Most of the 240-odd large format theaters currently operating are either 15/70 or 8/70,” said LFCA prexy Christopher Reyna. “Both types of theaters are increasing at the rate of about 30% a year, and films are now regularly cross-printed from one format to the other, for maximum distribution.”

The “70” in the format designation indicates the film is 70″mm wide. The other number indicates the number of perforations per image on the film strip. The Imax format is 15/70, while 8/70 is a smaller large-screen format.

Films in 15/70 will be screened in the 3-D Imax Theater at the California Science Center on May 19 and 20. Films in 8/70 will be shown at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences on May 21. The conference will close the evening of May 21 with a gala reception and screening of the 5/70 David Lean classic “Lawrence of Arabia” at the Lloyd E. Riegler Theater at the Egyptian Theater.