Polygram now U Pictures Intl.

Renaming is latest step in integrating PFE and U

LONDON — Polygram Filmed Entertainment is changing its name to Universal Pictures Intl., the latest step in integrating PFE into U’s operations.

Stuart Till will continue to head up UPI — not to be confused with United Intl. Pictures (UIP), the London-based distrib in which U is a partner. All existing and upcoming PFE product will be released under the new brand.

The company’s video division will trade as United Pictures Intl. Video (UPIV).

Beginning July 1, UPIV will distribute all of U’s video product (such as “Meet Joe Black,” “Psycho” and “Babe: Pig In The City”) in the U.K., Germany, France, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux and Australasia. Its operations will be expanded to include Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway Sept. 1.

London-based CIC, Paramount and U’s international video partnership, will continue to service DreamWorks product until January 2000, after which DreamWorks will join UPIV.