The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences’ Scientific & Technical Awards Committee has selected 19 achievements for Oscar prize consideration on March 4.

Among those being considered are three f/x companies, with Industrial Light & Magic garnering two nominations. Camera and filmmakers Eastman Kodak, Panavision and Moviecam also received noms for their products.

The methods or devices selected by the Academy and the companies submitting them include:

  • AMS Neve Logic Digital Film Console (AMS Neve Inc.);

  • Cooke S4 Range of fixed focal length lenses (Cooke Optics);

  • Deluxe Multi-Roller Film Transport System (Deluxe Labs.);

  • Eastman Lamphouse Modification (ELM) filters (Eastman Kodak);

  • Electroformed metal reflectors (Advantage Technologies);

  • FPC Certified Film Destruction and Secure Print Recycling Program (FPC);

  • Hookah Hybrid Atmospheric Physics Simulator and Renderer (DreamQuest Images);

  • ILM Skin Animation System (Industrial Light & Magic);

  • Interactive photorealistic rendering (Alias/Wavefront);

  • Kodak SFX 200 T color negative film (Eastman Kodak);

  • Libra III stabilized camera platform (Nick Phillips);

  • Linear loop film projectors (Ron Schmidt);

  • Millennium Camera System for 35 mm cinematography (Panavision);

  • Moviecam super light camera (Moviecam);

  • PDI Character Modeling System (Pacific Data Images);

  • Power Guard Systems 100, 200 and 400 amps GFCIs (SMS Generators Inc. and Power Guard Systems);

  • Prender (Industrial Light & Magic);

  • Rycote Microphone Windshield Modular System (Rycote Microphone Windshields);

  • Softsun (LP Associates)

“We announce these achievements so that those with claims or prior invention or with devices similar to those under consideration can advise us of their situation,” committee chair Richard Edlund said.

Demonstration of selected achievements will be conducted Oct. 26 in the Academy’s Samuel Goldwyn Theater.

Individuals have until Oct. 1 to dispute the claims to the inventions.

The committee will meet Dec. 1 to vote award recommendations to the Academy’s board of governors. The Scientific and Technical Awards will be presented March 4 at the Regent BevWilshire.For more information call the Academy at (310) 247-3000, ext. 129.