Miramax & ‘Dogma’ duo reup first-look for TV, pix

View Askew gets 3-year deal, preparing 'Clerks' cartoon

Miramax has reupped the “Dogma” team of director Kevin Smith and producer Scott Mosier, signing the pair to an expansive three-year, first-look deal that will cover a variety of film and television projects.

Under the deal — which replaces their current pact that expires at the end of the year — Smith will write and direct his own Mosier-produced projects under their New Jersey-based View Askew shingle. In addition, Smith will write and possibly exec produce other film and TV projects, and Mosier will develop and produce projects independent of Smith.

“By this point, Scott and I feel like Harvey and Bob (Weinstein) are like our parents,” said Smith, who is 29 to Mosier’s 28. “This deal is the equivalent of mom and dad letting us convert the attic into our own sweet Johnny Bravo-like pad. We have nothing but love for our non-biological mother and father, the brothers Weinstein, and hope they never kick us out or tell us to get a job.”

‘Clerks’ for TV

While Smith’s next film project has yet to be announced, he and Mosier are at work on the Miramax Television series adaptation of their 1994 release “Clerks.” The animated series is skedded to air on ABC next year.

Smith and Mosier spent a bulk of their last three-year deal developing “Dogma,” a film the Weinsteins sold to Lions Gate in order to shield Miramax parent company Disney from the controversy that has surrounded the religious comedy. Released this past weekend to mostly favorable reviews, “Dogma” has so far grossed $10.2 million.

Miramax executive VP of production Jon Gordon will oversee the new deal. The pact was negotiated on behalf of the mini-major by Charles Layton, Bob Osher, Vicki Cherkas and Eric Roth.

Smith and Mosier are repped by Endeavor and lawyered by Gotham-based attorney John Sloss.