Kubrick’s ‘Eyes’ to open wide rated R

Kidman, Cruise launch suit at tabloid

There was more than a hint of “I told you so” when Warner Bros. announced Friday that Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut” had received an R-rating from the MPAA.

However, the studio remained mum on its other plans for the erotic thriller, which bows in the U.S. on July 16. Kubrick’s team in London is at work on a trailer, sources said. Warners had been waiting to receive a rating before cutting one.

While many had speculated that the film’s various steamy scenes would warrant an NC-17, senior Warners execs had always insisted that it deserved an R.

In a separate development, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman filed a lawsuit against tabloid newspaper the Star, claiming that the paper had printed false and malicious statements about them in its March 30 issue.

The Star’s article said that two British sex therapists, Tony and Wendy Duffield, coached Cruise and Kidman during their sex scenes for “Eyes.” According to the story, Kubrick could not get the couple to perform the scenes credibly without the Duffields’ help.

In their lawsuit, Cruise and Kidman said that the Duffields had signed sworn statements that they had never met Cruise, Kidman or Kubrick. In addition, the Duffields said that they had nothing to do with “Eyes,” that they had never even been on the set nor did they ever do an interview with the Star. Their quotes in the Star article, according to the suit, were lifted from an unrelated 1991 piece in a British tabloid, the Sun.

This latest controversy follows an incident in March, when, mere moments before he died, Kubrick sent a digitized clip from “Eyes,” containing steamy scenes between Cruise and Kidman, to numerous TV stations across the country.

While Kubrick died before he could undertake much active publicity for the film, Cruise and Kidman, repped by PMK’s Pat Kingsley, have done a series of interviews and photo shoots for glossy magazines.