Ken Daurio & Cinco Paul

“This writing thing’s a piece of cake, Cinco,” Ken Daurio gushes to his partner, Cinco Paul. He knows better, but so far, the pair are two-for-two; MGM bought their first spec, “Special,” and they’re set to write comedy-romance “The Boy in the Plastic Bubble” for Disney.

“I’m trying to help Ken realize that it doesn’t always happen this easily,” Paul says. “But of course, everyone attributes the magic to him: ‘Thank heavens Cinco found Ken, because he’d be in the gutter right now.’ ”

“Special” is a comedy about a man who pretends to be a paraplegic in order to get an autographed football and impress his girlfriend’s son.

Though the topic sounds politically incorrect, Paul says, “It’s not a dark script at all. It’s sort of an old-fashioned, sweet comedy that happens to be about disabilities.”

Daurio remembers not everyone understood that, though. “When we’d go into a meeting and people would say, ‘You guys are sick and twisted,’ we realized they probably didn’t get it.”

Paul has sold two specs on his own, but was “tired and lonely” writing comedy alone. At the same time, he was playing keyboards for the Otter Pops, a Valley rock band. Daurio was the rhythm guitar player and a musicvideo director as well.

“We went into the whole writing thing together saying, ‘Let’s go for it. Let’s give it a shot,’ ” Daurio says. “We just wanted to make it a fun experience, come up with funny stuff, and it worked.”