Inside Move

Clooney, Soderbergh sight WB

George Clooney and Steven Soderbergh, who last teamed on the 1998 release “Out of Sight,” are in talks to reunite under a production banner based on the Warner Bros. lot.

Clooney’s existing deal with Warner Bros. is due to expire this week, and the actor and director are expected to segue into a three-year, non-exclusive housekeeping pact with Warner Bros. if final deal points can be agreed upon.

The company does not yet have a name, although sources said that Clooney will retain his Warner-based Maysville offices while Soderbergh will be headquartered in New York.

Current Maysville execs Ben Cosgrove and Kevin Field are expected to stay with the banner, likely in elevated roles.

Clooney and his former producing partner Robert Lawrence recently disbanded their partnership under the Maysville Pictures shingle. The two continue to work together on projects that were initiated under their three-year alliance, including “Metal God.”