NEW YORK — Imagine Entertainment has brought in “American Pie” duo Chris and Paul Weitz to script the “Nutty Professor 2,” a sequel to the recent remake of “The Nutty Professor.” New film will star Eddie Murphy and be directed by Peter Segal (“Tommy Boy”) and produced by Brian Grazer. The film will begin shooting by early fall.

Though the Weitz brothers are best known for scripting the DreamWorks comedy “Antz,” that credit could be overshadowed by “American Pie,” the Universal comedy they wrote and directed, featuring a scene involving a teen’s lust for the title dessert which threatens to do for apple pie what “Marathon Man” did for dentistry. U, hoping for this summer’s answer to “There’s Something About Mary,” opens it July 9.

After getting an initial “Professor 2” script which Grazer felt didn’t come together, he brought in the “Pie” guys, who hatched a new story for what is a sequel of the remake that grossed $280 million worldwide.

“People are likening ‘American Pie’ to ‘Porkys,’ ” Glazer said, “but I see these guys as being very intellectual, a lot like Harold Ramis was, despite doing ‘Animal House.’ ”

The Weitz brothers are the grandsons of talent agent Paul Kohner, who repped John Huston and Billy Wilder. Their mother, actress Susan Kohner, was Oscar-nominated for the 1959 film “Imitation of Life,” while father John Weitz is a fashion designer.

They’re repped by William Morris’ David Lubliner and Robert Stein.