‘Honor’ for Hanks

'Ryan' thesp to present Vietnam docu

Tom Hanks will present the lauded documentary “Return With Honor,” which premieres next month in New York and Los Angeles.

Produced and directed by Freida Lee Mock and Terry Sanders, the film centers on the experience of American POWs during the Vietnam conflict. The filmmakers shot in Vietnam and the U.S., obtaining rare combat and capture footage from the Vietnamese, and follows the story of numerous imprisoned pilots incarcerated for as long as 8-1/2 years.

The duo previously delved into the arena with the Oscar-winning “Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision,” which focused on the creator of the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, D.C.

In a prepared statement, Hanks said, “This film turns those experiences (of Vietnam) into powerful, moving and shocking recollections, told to us in the first person and for the first time by friends, relatives, brothers and husbands.”

Distributed by Ocean Releasing, “Return With Honor” will debut in New York on June 11, with Los Angeles following one week later. It will continue to roll out nationally throughout the summer.