Gen Art fest likes ‘Ninas’

'Fuzzy' also receives nods

The Gen Art Film Festival awarded two prizes at its closing ceremonies Tuesday, held at Gotham’s Upper West Side hot-spot Cream.

“Fuzzy Logic” won the newly created short-film audience award, and “Two Ninas,” a comic romance, took home the feature audience prize.

“Ninas” co-producer Denise Doyle is director of talent and creative affairs at Miramax Films. A first-time film producer, Doyle became involved with the project two years ago while working as an assistant to Miramax’s Harvey Weinstein.

Doyle negotiated time off from the minimajor to dedicate herself to her producing efforts. “Harvey encouraged me to take time out to pursue the project,” she said. “He was very supportive.”

Introduced to director Neil Turitz through a mutual friend, Doyle agreed to the project immediately after reading the script. “I loved it,” Doyle said. “We all wanted to make the film right away — the whole thing was a real team effort. We shot it in about 16 days.”

The “Two Ninas” team included co-producer Greg Sheinman, exec producers Seth Kanegis and Adam Sender and cast members Ron Livingston, Amanda Peet, Cara Buono, Bray Poor and Linda Larkin.