Fujifilm bows new film stock

Product offers improved quality

Fujifilm has introduced its latest high-speed color negative (EI 500T) cinematography film, which promises improvements over the current F-500 stock.

Part of Fujifilm’s Super F-Series, the new film — F-500 Type 8572 and 8672 — utilizes the company’s Super Uniform Fine Grain technology, resulting in fine grain and sharpness, according to Fujifilm.

Enabling cinematographers to create shadow details better than previous stocks, the film additionally offers wide exposure latitude, improved color, saturation and reproduction, the company said.

“The F-500 now offers directors of cinematography a high-quality choice with improved image quality, reliability and clarity,” according to Mark W. Murphy, VP and general manager, motion picture division, Fuji Photo Film U.S.A. “It’s the finest grain EI 500 film available today.”