Fox shifts actioner ‘X-Men’ to July

Marvel Comics movie takes 'Minority Report' slot

Though the pic’s production start has moved from September to October, in an optimistic move, 20th Century Fox has pushed up the release date of its superhero actioner “X-Men” from a holiday 2000 release to an earlier launch in July. Fox’s move fills the hole in its schedule left after its high- profile Steven Spielberg-Tom Cruise juggernaut, “Minority Report,” moved its production date to January and subsequent release out of the summer to holiday 2000.

“X-Men” had originally been slated for summer 2000, but delays and cast availabilities pushed release to the holidays, where it will now trade places with “Minority Report.”

The Bryan Singer-helmed pic, based on the Marvel Comics series, begins production in October in Toronto, with a cast that includes Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Dougray Scott, Anna Paquin, Famke Janssen, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos and Ray Park.